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Spring 2022 Newsletter

In this Newsletter:

  • Welcome New Neighbors

  • All About Fire Free 2021

  • The Summer Picnic Is BACK!

Welcome New Neighbors! Over the past 12 months Tumalo Rim has gained a few new families! If you see unfamiliar faces while out walking in the neighborhood, be sure to welcome them to our beautiful little slice of Central Oregon. Let's all send a warm welcome to Hannah Keuhl at 19695 Ridgewood Drive, Jacob and Donna Zollinger at 64100 Tumalo Rim Drive, and Tim McCauley and Carla Battles at 64223 Tumalo Rim Drive. Welcome home to you all! All About Fire Free 2022!

It's that time of year again- Fire Free season in Tumalo Rim! For those of you that may not know, Fire Free is a program supported by Deschutes county to incentivize residents to minimize wildfire fuels on their properties. With the increase in wildfires in general over the past several years, the importance of this program is clear.

Some best practices for reducing debris on your property include;

  • Trimming tree limbs to a height of 10' from the ground

  • Removing dead brush from the area

  • Establishing a two tiered "defensible space" around all structures (30' and 100' respectively)

  • Establishing a minimum 8' of fuel free perimeter around all structures

  • and Removing debris such as pine needles or juniper duff from roof areas and gutters

This last item is one of the most often overlooked but most critically important concerns since airborne embers can and do land on rooftops and any fuels there can ignite quickly.

More info about these steps is available here:

During the annual Fire Free period, Deschutes county accepts yard debris free of charge. Over the years, the Tumalo Rim neighborhood has participated by bringing in a large yard debris dumpster for neighborhood residents to save multiple trips to the dump. In addition, each year we contract with a local tree service to handle the larger limbs that you may have around your property. More details about this program may be found here:

We have scheduled with Republic Services again this year for our annual Fire Free cleanup. The first round will be the placement of a 30 yard dumpster in the "usual" place along Tumalo Rim Drive towards the north end of the road (new neighbors don't worry! We'll let you know and you won't be able to miss it!).

Fire Free Yard Debris Dumpster:

The yard debris dumpster is scheduled to arrive on Monday April 25, 2022 and will be exchanged for an empty one on the following Monday. The final pick-up of the dumpster will occur on Monday May 9, 2022. Please remember that we absolutely MUST follow the dumpster guidelines listed below in order to receive the free disposal of these items by Deschutes county during the Fire Free week.

Dumpster guidelines: As a reminder, this service is provided for Fire Free efforts only and the dumpster should only be used for tree and shrub trimmings. It should not be used for sod, lawn clippings, rocks, dirt, garbage or construction materials.

Large Limb Chipping Service:

Starting now you may begin to place tree limbs near the curb, "big" end towards the street for chipping. We are planning to have Fagen's tree service to come through the week of May 16 to chip these limbs. Please remember that the chippers will accept only tree limbs with a maximum base diameter of 4". They will not chip or remove large logs, brush or other yard debris.

Thanks for your participation and we look forward to another successful year of wildfire fuel removal in our beautiful neighborhood!

Summer Picnic 2022!

The famous TRPOA Summer Potluck Picnic is back for 2022!

This year, the picnic will be hosted by Katie Brandow at 64119 Tumalo Rim Drive on August 20, 2022 at 3PM. There will be calls for volunteers to help Katie set-up in future emails so stay tuned! It's always a fun event and a great way to reconnect with each other after the past couple of years without this fun get together!

Here's to a happy and healthy Spring and Summer season 2022 to all of our neighbors! Kind regards,

your TRPOA Board

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