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About our Neighborhood:

A few thousand years ago, the volcano that is now known as South Sister erupted violently spreading ash and lava for miles around. In the process, it also produced the ridge of lava and pumice we now know as Tumalo Rim. 

Today, the Tumalo Rim neighborhood maintains a special place in the immediate area which is dominated with larger agricultural and hobby farm properties. This allows Tumalo Rim to maintain a distinctive quiet rural feel while maintaining good proximity to the services and resources of the nearby towns of Bend, Sisters and Redmond.


Our unique location provides the feel of a neighborhood in a more rural setting while maintaining a bit of distance from town. Those that live here have chosen these attributes consciously and we share our appreciation of the unique place in which we live.


About TRPOA:

The Tumalo Rim Property Owners Association consists of owners of the fifty-one properties located on Tumalo Rim Drive, Tumalo Rim Court, Keith Court and Ridgewood Drive near Bend, Oregon.


Property owners are automatically included in the association and each property is entitled to one vote on matters outlined within the CC&R's and community Rules and Regulations documents available on this website here: TRPOA CC&R's / Rules

The TRPOA  functions as a voting membership body and the day-to-day administrative tasks within the neighborhood fall to the TRPOA board.

The TRPOA board is responsible for collecting membership dues which are used for maintaining the common areas of the neighborhood and legal or administrative tasks/costs related to the neighborhood that fall outside of the individual property owners' responsibilities as well as assuring that the neighborhood CC&R's and rules are followed by the membership for the good of the whole. 

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